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MAGS.COM: Interviews



From Brazilian magazine BIZZ, December, 1989


Bizz- To stay without money, in London, in the beggining...Did it teach you something?

Mags-Yes, to valorize the sucess that we have now.

Bizz-If you knew that it would be so hard, would you begin everthing again?

Mags- Yes, Looking back, I see that I did everything again, because in the end was that kept us together.

Bizz - What do you think about U2?

Mags - I think they are interesting and respected for many time. Everybody recognizes in them a big potential to make the things happen.

Bizz- How can you put together three differets personalities?

Mags - Well...(he laughs). We are three opposites together and there are no reason why shouldn't be this way.

Bizz- What do you like to do if you weren't a pop star?

Mags- I never thought in other thing out of the music, but I like paiting.

Bizz- What kind of paiting do you do?

Mags- I just like to paint and learn by myself. But my favourite painter is Edward Munch.

Bizz- What do you think about the fans attitudes?

Mags-Well...I never liked the idolatration of our work.

Bizz- Would you like to work as an actor?

Mags- If the opportunity comes, yes. But not using my name and fame.

Bizz- What do you fell being a sex symbol?

Oh...Oh...(he laughs) I didn't expect a question like this.