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Mags Solo CDs


Ti kniver i hjert
The film has the same name of the album, many instrumental songs, some sang in Norwegian. Listening to it we feel like were in Norway.

Hotel Oslo

Also the film has the same name of the album. Great songs, some sang in English and some instrumental. Anneli Drecker sings one of them.Listening to it we fell like were in Hotel Oslo, which room is a song and in the beggining we have  a welcome  message from the manegement .


Some songs sang others instrumental. A great modern art! So abstract as Mags paintings . If you like classic kind of songs, forget it! Because it's so different from the classic, the "normal". You have to know how apreciate the modern art!


Once, the film has the same name of the album. Very similar to Ti kniver i hjert. Mags wrote, produced and sings the first song (Dragonfly) and there is a multimedia video clip of  it with movie's scenes. The others songs are short and instrumental. It's curious that the CD has less of 20 minutes!